What people are saying about my Sunday webinar series–

“YES!!! THIS is the conversation I was looking for!”                                                  Sonja N


“I just attended Nanette’s first online workshop. The discussion of ‘White Women’s Tears’ was eye opening. We were challenged to listen to the Black person’s experience and not make our reaction about us.”                                        Jean, Rochester


“Preach, Nanette! Give as generously as you can! Nanette is giving us such a gift of her time, energy, and wisdom!”                                                                             Laura, Boston


“She really is – I’ve been struggling with where to have these conversations and learn without placing demands on anyone else’s time or energy.”         Shellie, Arizona


“THANK YOU NANETTE!!! Many questions that both B. and I have been asking ourselves have ‘clicked’ today. LISTENING to you is ALWAYS completely enlightening :)”                                                                                                      Chris, Rochester

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“Thank you so much, Nanette!!! What a pleasure this has been!!! Thank you for being you!”                                                                                                                   Jillian, Florida


“I appreciate Nanette’s sense of understanding for white experience, while at the same time her frank ability to lay it on the table when addressing the blind spots that we white people tend to carry around.”                                                               Peggy C.


“You’ve woven these stories together with absolute wizardry Nanette!”                                                                                                                                                         Brittany, Rochester


“Nanette’s Sunday session was really great! She doesn’t sugarcoat serious topics but still comes to the work with a generous spirit and enthusiasm for healthy cross-racial dialogue. Her advice to white allies is super concrete and applicable to everyday life. Highly recommended!”                                                                           Murphy


“Thank you So Much for today’s lesson! I learned a lot of nuanced lessons that I would not have learned in any other setting. I appreciate you!”                                     Lillian S, NY

“Hi, Nanette! Wanted to reach out to say that your webinar today already has me thinking differently about how I approach learning and “being.”  I have so much gratitude for you sharing today (thank you so much for doing this).” Audrey

Hi, Nanette. I am belatedly sending a note of thanks for your work with the Sunday afternoon webinars on White Fragility, as well as for inviting me to participate. Your effort and dedication are obvious! Also, it seems to me, “putting yourself out there” in this effort is courageous and generous, as well as beneficial for the attendees. I felt I learned a lot. Thank you for all of this. Heather T.

Beth M: Thank you so much! The solution as a constant mindfulness practice as opposed to a checklist is so on point. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned today with friends and family. Your insight is so appreciated. I can’t wait to read the book [White Fragility] and check out your website. Thank you for the enlightenment!

Published by Nanette D. Massey

Trying to help my white allies figure this whole "race" thing out.

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