Coronavirus in “Black & White”

These days, happily, a disproportionate amount of my energy is going into

1.) staring at the new treadmill I bought while I go all in on another bowl of Breyer’s collaboration with Snickers candy bar (this ice cream is the dairy equivalent to crack, if you’ve never had it before do yourself a favor and leave it alone!!!)

2.) planning topics for my wildly successful series of Sunday webinars, so I’ve fallen behind on posting new essays. I’ve read two pieces recently from other writers though who offer a fresh, original perspective on why the coronavirus is hitting the black community so disproportionately and the medical community’s response to those numbers. It’s lengthy reading. But hell, we’ve all got more time than anything else right now.

Decolonizing Nursing

Published by Nanette D. Massey

Trying to help my white allies figure this whole "race" thing out.

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