“Cause he’s down by the pond playing hockey with the kids…”

The book White Fragility by sociologist Robin DiAngelo has enjoyed a run on the New York Times Best Seller List for nearly nine months. I still can’t quite understand why honestly, many white people have told me it was a real tough-love kind of read for them. In it, DiAngelo submits that she and herContinue reading ““Cause he’s down by the pond playing hockey with the kids…””

Letter from a Williamsville Church

For nine days in 1963 the revered Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was jailed in Birmingham, Alabama, charged with parading without a license. He had been called to the city by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to bring media attention to a sustained protest and business boycott being waged by the city’s black population. ThisContinue reading “Letter from a Williamsville Church”

Getting Your Hands Dirty

I just finished reading the book Love In The Driest Season by Washington Post writer Neely Tucker. Tucker, who is white, grew up in Holmes County, Mississippi, described in his book as “…the poorest, most predominantly black county in the poorest, most predominantly black state in America.” Despite his parents’ humble status, they found itContinue reading “Getting Your Hands Dirty”

Comfortably Numb

The following YouTube clip is from the movie Kindergarten Cop, where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a detective who goes undercover as a school teacher. The little boy’s statement is of course wildly inappropriate. Yet the teacher is foist into having to draft an adroit response that avoids embarrassing the tot, while seamlessly maintaining control of theContinue reading “Comfortably Numb”

“My daughter’s boyfriend’s roommate’s nephew is black, so I understand….”

In 2013, personal fitness trainer Drew Manning wrote the book Fit2Fat2Fit. Manning was an absolute wrecking ball of a physical specimen. As a fitness pro though, he found he was losing left and right the clients in the most desperate need of his help. Over and over he heard “you don’t know what it’s likeContinue reading ““My daughter’s boyfriend’s roommate’s nephew is black, so I understand….””

How To Make Black Friends 101

A 2013 study found that 75% of whites in America don’t have more than a passing acquaintance with any black people. At the workshop I facilitated on 5/26/18, “Honest And Effective Conversations About Race”, my content was geared toward a white audience. I hoped to attract more curious white neophytes to the discussion of race.Continue reading “How To Make Black Friends 101”

When the holy man was asked, “How should we treat others?” His reply was, “There are no others.”

On the second Tuesday of May I finally made it to my first meeting of S.U.R.J. Buffalo. They are an organization of white folks showing up for racial justice. Since I first heard of them some months ago, I’ve wanted to make it to one of their meetings to find out who they are andContinue reading “When the holy man was asked, “How should we treat others?” His reply was, “There are no others.””