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White Fragility-Beyond The White Echo Chamber  (online webinar experience)   

May 31st topic:  “Central Park Karen, George Floyd, and Jainism”

Amy Cooper threatened a black man in NY City’s Central Park by calling the police on her cell phone and falsely claiming she was being endangered by “an African American man.” An officer in Minneapolis crushed the neck of an already handcuffed George Floyd with his knee until Floyd was dead. While this pair of events seem to differ in order of magnitude, they really are two sides of the exact same coin. What does that mean for the identity of our white, progressive allies for racial equity?.


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Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility has proven to be a cultural touchstone for our time. It is not uncommon in the US, though, that many white people don’t have regular contact with non-white people. Most white people, then, are only discussing race in an “echo chamber” of other white frames of reference–not the most conducive environment for real expanse.


African American writer Nanette D. Massey of Buffalo, N.Y., is stuck in the house just like you, and believes we are way beyond holding hands when it comes to talking about race. This is your chance to contextualize your questions around race and equity from an unfiltered, real world, lived experience rather than a theoretical framework that only “echoes” back what you think you already know. Massey will present her take on ideas in frank, practical terms. The goal is to leave audiences with self-clarity and the ability to participate in conversations within their own personal spheres of influence with genuine confidence, humor, and humility.

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You know you’re maxed out on NETFLIX.  Here’s your chance to talk with other adults about something besides homeschooling and The Disney Channel. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect.


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All are welcome to the session. To be clear, this is not a debate forum. There are places for that and this just isn’t one of them.

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