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White Fragility-Beyond The White Echo Chamber


Topic Sun 3/7: “Race And Faith”

Religion has been liberally used in America’s history to justify slavery, “separate but equal,” and out and out white supremacy. This Sunday I’ll challenge you about what your religious tradition actually does say about racism. And if you know me, you already know “all you need is love” ain’t gonna’ cut it here. I’ll talk about how my work is fueled by the teachings of A Course In Miracles , and we’ll be joined by


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The book White Fragility has become a cultural touchstone for our time. Most U.S. white people, though, report having no regular contact with non-white people and can only discuss race in an “echo chamber” of other white frames of reference.
With black workshop facilitator Nanette D. Massey of Buffalo, N.Y., this is your chance to contextualize race from an unfiltered, real world experience rather than theory. With frankness and practicality, Massey’s goal is to leave audiences with self-clarity and the ability to participate in conversations within their own personal spheres of influence with genuine confidence, humor, and humility.


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All are welcome to the session. To be clear, this is not a debate forum. There are places for that and this just isn’t one of them.