BEYOND “White Fragility” Sun 8/18/19

Moving BEYOND “White Fragility”

Honest and Effective Conversations About Race

The book White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo has been on the lists and lips of readers all over the country. DiAngelo coined the phrase “white fragility” to describe many white people’s insistence that conversations about race be comfortable and non-threatening before they’re able to fully participate.
Some don’t understand the idea at all. Others read the book and report they’re just left with an ambivalent feeling of helplessness about their role in the future of race relations.
I believe we are wa-a-a-ay beyond holding hands when it comes to talking about race and the timing of this book couldn’t be better. I’ll be presenting my take on its ideas in very practical terms. The goal is to leave audiences, black and white, with self-clarity and the ability to participate in conversations within your own personal spheres of influence with genuine confidence, humor, and humility. Whether you’re new to this kind of forum or you “marched in the sixties”, I promise you an afternoon of candor and revelation. 

                                Sun August 18th   2:30–6:00

                                Visual Studies Workshop

                                31 Prince Street

                                Rochester, NY 14607

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