What I Do

I facilitate live and online workshops geared toward white audiences on thinking about race in ways that produce real change.

Today Americans are restless for a more nuanced engagement with the subject of race, but are struggling with how and where to begin. Right and wrong have no real utility in these conversations, and guilt atrophies bona fide forward accomplishment. Still, I believe we are way past holding hands singing Kumbaya together as a present-day strategy to wholeness.

A need exists for both unity and cool heads, balanced with some brutal truths about our historic disregard for people who are not white. All my presentations come from within that sweet spot between the desire of our warm hearts, and the grisliness of our fully fleshed-out history.

Thank you for visiting my website. After you’ve perused a few essays and videos, contact me about leading a workshop in your community that makes a real difference.


I have spoken on these topics:

  • Moving Beyond White Fragility
  • What Does Black Lives Matter Really Mean
  • Bacon’s Rebellion and the Origins Of Race
  • Bridging the Gap: Talking about Race
  • Me And White Supremacy
  • Am I A Racist?
  • White Women’s Tears




I have had speaking engagements and conducted workshops at these organizations.

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