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Angry Black Woman
March 28, 2021

Black anger in the face of white fragility is our topic.

A Royal Pain In the A$$
March 21, 2021

A Royal Pain
In the A$$
March 21, 2021

It is not possible to care any less about the royal family than I do. But Lord have mercy, Sharon Osbourne’s freak out on “The Talk” provides an opportunity that is just begging for us to review chapter 11 of Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism, titled “White Women’s Tears.”

Race and Faith
March 7, 2021
Full Session

A conversation with a rabbi, an imam, a pastor, a Baha’i, and a “spiritual, but not religious” type. Find yourself and your faith-based reason to stand up to racism in this complete hour and 45 minute conversation. Shalom, Amen, “Love & Light,” As-salmu alaykum all = NO room for white supremacy here.

D.C. Riot Response As Validation Of White Fragility
February 14, 2021

Authorities’ tepid response to white, armed protestors storming the Capitol Building on January 6 was because the “powers that be” knew the sight of teargas, bullets and force against white people wasn’t going to play on t.v. screens in Peoria. Not like the sight of going full throttle against black protestors as we witnessed night after night in the summer of 2020.

Sunday Confession
June 7, 2020

Often white folks are stymied in their outreach efforts for fear of saying or doing something racist or insensitive. Life itself is a series of mistakes, correction, learning, and bridges being built as a result.

Next Sunday we’re all invited to “confess” racial gaffes we’ve made in the past. My hope is you’ll find that a) black folks aren’t as fragile as you think and b) your faux pas aren’t enough to initiate the countdown sequence for the final annihilation of the universe.