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Have you been to one of Nanette’s presentations? Write what your experience was like (or send me a message through the “Contact” page).

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8 thoughts on “Workshop Feedback

  1. To be succinct: through her presentational skills and style, she has made this white male feel challenged and more enlightened, while not threatened or shamed. That’s not easy! I attended her workshop at Unitarian Universalist Church in Buffalo (May, 2018?), and we have more informal conversations as well.


  2. I too have attended one of Ms. Massey’s workshops, this one in Rochester, NY. The workshop was entitled “Moving Beyond White Fragility: Honest and Effective Conversations About Race.” Mostly attended by white folks, of course, her presentation using her personal conversations with a former white friend, was most effective. The response/questions from the audience from both white and Black attendees were intelligent and pertinent to the overall message of her presentation. I found myself embarrassed at times as I recalled my own insensitivity regarding racial issues, but also could see how far I have come from just a few years ago. Education needs to be ongoing as our society tries to navigate this sensitive, sometimes uncomfortable, but necessary topic. Through workshops like these, new ideas presented begin to percolate and take hold and we hopefully move forward. I enjoyed the hours spent at the workshop. Do yourself a favor and check out Ms. Massey’s message if you have the opportunity.


  3. I attended Ms. Massey’s workshop in Williamsville in Spring 2019. With humor, compassion and grace, Ms. Massey was able to call white people in to the table of difficult conversations about race. She provided concrete examples of how the white perspective is often so very blind to the everyday minor and major challenges faced by African-Americans in America, and she called on us to challenge our own culturally conditioned assumptions about race, class, education and more…I would recommend her workshops to any groups looking to deepen their self-reflective journeys of anti-racism, regardless of how far along they are on that path.


  4. I had the privilege of attending Ms. Massey’s first presentation using the book White Fragility. It was an excellent experience that allowed white people, like me, to face our latent racism without shaming or insult, but with a desire to address the reality and change it. Nanette has a unique talent of making people feel at ease while addressing very difficult issues. Her presence is engaging and compassionate without being apologetic or excusing inappropriate comments. She helps us really examine our responses and feelings. I highly recommend her workshops for any organization that wants to address issues around race and have meaningful dialogue. Thank you, Nanette, for helping us grow!


  5. I attended a white privilege workshop led by Nanette on 5/18/19. Her grace with dealing with a white audience at various stages of its journey into deeper self discovery about racism in our country was stunning.

    Nanette spoke from her heart, sharing personal experiences. She was then able to contextual them into a framework that hit me over the head like the proverbial two-by-four. Before long, I was able to start understanding how a white person’s friendship (and statements) might be viewed radically differently by a person of color, who is on the receiving end.

    I made it my obligation to seek Nanette out and get to know her better as an individual. We have established a friendship that entails personal growth out of mutual respect.

    I have since discovered that her personal journey leads her to be able to understand the white experience and mythology. For much of her life, she believed the falsehoods perpetuated by the power culture — white America. It is this mythology that has enabled my cluelessness about America’s historical past and white privilege.

    Richard A Glaser
    Rochester, NY


  6. Nanette’s talk at the North Presbyterian Church [May 2019] was an eye-opening education in the depth and immensity of the burden Black people carry 24/7 in our society and in the direct impact of embedded racism on their life chances. It was enlightening for those in the white community who have actively worked to reduce racism for decades and those who think it is largely a problem of the past. Her request that we all look inside ourselves and evaluate our knowledge of racism’s impacts, and into our daily lives for the conversation opportunities we have to challenge subtle or status quo maintaining positions was most welcome.

    Thomas Casey
    Buffalo, NY


  7. I just attended Nanette’s first online workshop “White Fragility: Black Echo–A unique opportunity”. I enjoyed the workshop despite the technical difficulties on having to move to Zoom at the last minute.
    The discussion of “White Women’s Tears” was eye opening. We were challenged to listen to the Black person’s experience and not make our reaction about us.
    Nanette also talked about pattern recognition and prejudice. Using pattern recognition, we can see when a prejudice is no longer helpful and let it go.
    I look forward to attending another of Nanette’s workshops.


  8. I also attended Nanette’s online workshop on March 29th – it was a great experience. I very much appreciated the opportunity to interact. Nanette started by asking us to pose questions for discussion, which led to a rich discussion. Nanette shared her perspective of the issues we discussed and many of the participants also chimed in, which was very helpful to understand various points of view. I appreciate Nanette’s sense of understanding for white experience, while at the same time her frank ability to lay it on the table when addressing the blind spots that we keep white people tend to carry around. Thank you, Nanette.


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